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Ray White Croydon Victoria

Whether you’re buying, selling or leasing a property only the best will do .   Ray White Croydon is an award-winning agency with an award winning team. As part of Australasia’s largest and most successful real estate group, the office is ranked as one of the highest performers for Ray White in Victoria/Tasmania with one of the fastest growing teams, boasting several agents who have achieved the coveted Top 10 Sales Award. It was a great honor to have been voted by the community as one of the Top 5 Favourite Real Estate Agents in Melbourne in the … read on

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Not All Agents Are the Same

Agents can get a bad rap for being a particular ‘type’, although ‘typical salesperson’ is probably the best phrase to describe what I mean. I believe that it is very important for me and my team to show the community that we are ‘normal’ - just like you! It is important that a … read on

Thinking of Selling This Spring? Part 2!

You only get one chance to make a first impression when selling your home or investment property, and only one chance to maximise your sale price. Last week I covered some tips on how to prepare your home for sale on the outside, this week we will focus on tips for inside the … read on

Thinking of Selling This Spring? Here are some tips…

Spring is traditionally the time many sellers look to put their homes on the market – and October/November are usually the biggest months of the year. This year has been very consistent with a good level of homes for sale and the market has been strong – so I’ll be interested to … read on

How to take the FEAR out of selling your home!

Selling your home is regularly described as one of the things we fear most in life. I can appreciate that for the majority of homeowners, it’s not something they do very often – sometimes just once or twice in a lifetime. It’s also generally your greatest asset…. So you don’t … read on

Ray White Croydon are Winners!

Last month we had the pleasure of attending the Ray White VIC/TAS Annual Awards held at the stunning Palladium at Crown to celebrate the top offices and individual achievers throughout the network. It was an enjoyable and entertaining night for all and was said that this was our … read on
Interview in Progress

Interviewing A Property Manager – Important Questions to Ask

So you’re searching for a property manager to look after one of your biggest assets – how do you choose? What do you ask? Where do you start? A property management fee for the average rental property is most commonly less than a monthly mobile phone bill. It’s certainly … read on


Professional home staging, or home styling used to be something only inner city sellers used to do, but more and more it is becoming popular in the outer suburbs. What is it? Well, it’s when a professional home styler or interior stylist comes into your home prior to … read on

Are we in a Bubble? Will it pop?

There is much hype and discussion around the strength of the real estate market in Melbourne.  Many have been questioning whether the continued strong growth over the last few years is sustainable. Even I’ve been known to say – “this can’t last forever”.  Over the past 12 months … read on

How to attract good tenants quickly!

If you are a landlord or if you are thinking of venturing into the residential investment market, then one of the things that is likely either a concern or at least something you should have on your radar is how you can best attract good quality tenants in a short time frame.  … read on

Have you considered buying property with your Superannuation?

There are more and more people taking advantage of the fact you can buy property using your existing superannuation.  It is not for everyone – but for me it just makes sense.  If you have a reasonable understanding of the property market, or have some trusted advisors that do, … read on

Attitude = Altitude

I am fortunate to be part of a real estate group that shares ideas very openly, as well as the challenges of running a business or being in real estate.  Through these shared ideas and thoughts, we can all learn and become better leaders, salespeople, property managers and … read on

How to choose the right Real Estate Agent

Selling or leasing your home or investment property is something you don’t do all that often, so you want to make sure you make the RIGHT decision the first time.  You also need to work out what the “Right Agent” means to you.  There are lots of different ways you can go about … read on
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What’s the first thing to do when buying property!

It’s all very well to have made the decision to buy a property but what is the next step?  Whether you’re a first homebuyer, third homebuyer or investor the next step, if you’re serious, is getting your finance approved! There are many things you need to be aware of to make … read on
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