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Ray White Croydon Victoria

Whether you’re buying, selling or leasing a property only the best will do.  Ray White Croydon is an award-winning agency with an award winning team. As part of Australasia’s largest and most successful real estate group, the office is ranked as one of the highest performers for Ray White in Victoria/Tasmania with one of the fastest growing teams, boasting several agents who have achieved the coveted Top 10 Sales Award. It was a great honor to have been voted by the community as one of the Top 5 Favourite Real Estate Agents in Melbourne … read on

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Buyers Beware!!

The real estate market in our area, and Melbourne in general, is continuing to increase which is great news for sellers, however the flip side is that buyers can become quite stressed and overwhelmed by the process, particularly if they have missed out a few times on homes they … read on

2015 Budget Release a Positive for Housing Market

I had the privilege to attend the ANZ 2015 Budget Announcement Dinner last Tuesday Night at Crown Casino.  Though some of you may say how boring (don’t worry I’ve had plenty of that feedback) – I actually found it quite interesting and it was great to have a panel of experts … read on

Ray White Croydon achieved target & reaped the rewards

An outstanding accomplishment has the team at Ray White Croydon cheering, with over $530,000 worth of stock sold in the early stages of this year which has well exceeded expectations. To celebrate this phenomenal achievement, the team were whisked away to relish in a very … read on

Getting Your Home or Investment Property Ready to RENT

We have recently created a checklist for clients to assist them with getting their homes or investment properties ready for the rental market.  The checklist is designed to make sure that your property is vacant for the shortest possible time and that we are able to attract good … read on
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To Style or Not to Style… this is THE question?

Selling homes across Maroondah and Yarra Ranges we come across all manner of house styles from Stunning Weatherboards to Stylish Modern Architecture, renovated and un-renovated as well as those homes needing a little or a lot of TLC.   When we are working with potential … read on

My Passion for Property Management!

I’ve been in real estate now for 18 years and have worked in most facets of the industry.  From commercial & residential property management in the first half of my career to sales, Ray White Corporate and now a Director over the past 10 years– what I’m finding is that over … read on
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Rental Market Update

With interest rates at all time lows and Self Managed Super Funds becoming more popular amongst Investors, there are more and more investors buying up investment properties. One of the effects of this has been a slight softening in the rental prices as more properties come onto … read on

How to get the premium price for your property!

There are many factors that go into ensuring that you get the premium price for your property.  Many of those things are in the control of the seller, so I thought it would be worthwhile giving you my tips and ideas:  PRESENTATION - this is somewhat of an obvious one, but is … read on

Finnan’s Gift 2015

Each year we (along with other Ray White offices) raise money for Finnans Gift. Finnans Gift is a charity set up by former Olympian, Alisa Camplin and her husband Oliver. The charity was set up when their baby boy (Finnan) passed away at just 10 days old from a congenital … read on
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Marketing – A COST or an INVESTMENT?

One of my real passions and loves in real estate is seeing a property evolve from when I first see it to when it has its first open home.  Some homes need very little styling done, or perhaps the owners aren’t wanting to do anything, whereas other sellers want lots of advice and … read on

Self Managed Super Funds – Can You Do It?

With many Australians concerned about whether they’ll have enough superannuation in place to get them through their retirement – a lot of people are looking at how they can take control of their future.  In recent years we have found many of our clients are increasingly … read on

Selling in Autumn?

One of the most commonly asked questions an agent gets asked is “When is the best time to sell”?  My standard answer to that is “whenever you are ready”!  Often people think that Spring is the best time to sell a property as gardens are nice and the weather is warming up – … read on

How To Choose a Real Estate Agent

Selling your home or investment property is a big deal!  It’s something most people will only do a few times in their life and many sellers find it quite daunting – particularly if they have never done it, or haven’t sold for quite some time.  I therefore thought I’d put … read on

Investment Options – House v’s Unit v’s Apartment

One of the decisions or questions that come up when you go to buy an investment property is WHAT to buy.  Firstly, it is important to have a clear understanding of your budget as this will certainly impact what you can afford to buy.  In thinking about budget it is also … read on
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Tips for Buyers!

Put Yourself in the Box Seat when Buying Property! For many people looking to purchase a home or investment property at the moment, they are finding it quite challenging.  Many properties are selling within 1-3 weeks, prices are at times underquoted, and even if the agent has … read on

Where to Buy Property for Wealth Creation

I am constantly having discussions with clients and friends about what area is good to invest in.  Often people think that investing in and around the city area is the ideal as they’ll get better capital growth than outer Melbourne, alternatively I have clients that have … read on

Property Presentation

If you are thinking of putting your home on the market- FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT! Here are some tips for your house and garden that should ensure you get great interest and therefore a great price for your home or investment property.  Tidying up the front garden by … read on
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Real Estate Year Starts Strong!

I’m always interested to see how the New Year starts in relation to real estate.  So far the signs are extremely positive of the strong market we had late last year continuing in the early parts of 2015 at least. We’ve had open homes for the homes we listed in late December … read on

What Happens in December & January?

For those of you contemplating buying, selling or renting through the December & January period there is often questions around what happens to the market during this Christmas and holiday period. From previous experience, I find that from around 20th December to the 1st … read on
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A Little Ray Of Giving…a joint effort!

Heading towards Christmas it is often a time of reflection and certainly a time to be grateful for all we have.  Thankful for our families, our jobs, our colleagues and for our material possessions too.  We often are striving for more, but we must be grateful for what we have.   … read on

What is professional “Home Staging” and should I do it?

Professional home staging, or home styling, used to be something only inner city sellers used to do, but more and more it is becoming popular in the outer suburbs. What is it?  Well, it’s when a professional home styler or interior stylist comes into your home prior to … read on

Choosing the Ideal Investment Property – Part 2

Carrying on from last weeks article I wanted to continue to give those of you thinking of buying an investment property some ideas around what makes a good investment property.  So, if you’re in the market for an investment, keep these things in mind: Future Growth: You want … read on

How To Choose An Ideal Investment Property?

Investing in real estate is not something most people do lightly.  It is important to do your research and if you are buying as an investment you want to do your homework and put some basic criteria in place to ensure your investment is a fruitful one long term.  Here are a few … read on

Attention Buyers: How To Beat the Competition!

Over the past couple of years in particular, I've come across many frustrated buyers that have missed out on numerous properties, many have made offers or bid at auction on 5 or more properties without success.  So, this week I wanted to look at how you can be a step ahead of … read on

What’s The LOCAL Real Estate Market Doing?

Well, it’s been some time since I’ve seen the market this HOT!  We look after predominately the Maroondah and Yarra Ranges area’s and we are finding all suburbs within these municipalities are in extremely high demand.    It was the case, in years gone by, that the further out … read on
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Are You Thinking Of Selling In The Next 12 Months??

I see so many people rushing to get their home ready for sale at the last minute and it seems to cause lots of unnecessary stress at what is already a stressful time for most sellers.  So, plan ahead and get the right advice early.  I’ve put together a list of “To Do’s” in order … read on
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