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What is professional “Home Staging” and should I do it?

By Tamara Lloyd

What is it? Well, it’s when a professional home styler or interior stylist comes into your home prior to selling and “dresses” your home for sale. Often they work with the clients furniture, other times they may furnish and style a vacant property. The stylist may simply add some splashes of colour and luxury with cushions, artwork, bedspreads, floor rugs, lamps and throw rugs – or they can style a vacant room (often a spare room or junk room) or a whole house.

I am often asked is it “worthwhile” me staging my home? In most cases I would say “YES”. In order to attract heart buyers, that is someone who LOVES your home and is prepared to pay a premium for it, then you have to make it look, feel and smell amazing. In my experience there are very few homes that couldn’t do with at least some finishing touches to ensure that every room is a “WOW” room. The idea is to depersonalise your property and let buyers really imagine themselves living there – not allowing them to spend time focussing on your family photos – rather spending time thinking how their family would live your home.

It is important for the marketing photos that there is some colour in a room – often this is best achieved with soft furnishings such as cushions and throw rugs and perhaps some artwork. Photos need to “pop” out at potential buyers in order for them to put your property at the top of their “must see this week list”.

In the end there are two main purposes of styling your home – it comes down to selling your home in a reasonable time frame (under 4 weeks is optimum) and getting an amazing price – ideally over market!

I have evidence that professional styling achieves both of these things and in many cases can add ten’s of thousands of dollars to the sale price with relatively minimal cost. Depending on what you need done – it usually costs anywhere from $600 for just soft furnishings and some artwork up to around $3000 for a 4 bedroom vacant property to be fully furnished and styled.

If you would like more information or have any questions, please give me a call on 0408 585 319.

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