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TOP 10 TIPS to getting your Rental Application considered

By Tamara Lloyd

Want your rental application to stand out? We asked our Director Elaine Richards for her TOP 10 TIPS to make your rental application stand out!

TIP 1. Add a covering letter with a brief description as to who you are, good idea to include a photo, if you have a pet include a photo of them too along with their personality traits!
TIP 2. Ensure you have completed and included all of the information
TIP 3. If there are two adults ensure both applicants have completed the forms before submitting otherwise this can cause delays
TIP 4. If possible provide a copy of your last rental ledger
TIP 5. Ensure that your references are aware that you have put them down as a reference
TIP 6. Ensure your current property manager is aware that you are looking, and ask them to be prompt with their reference requests
TIP 7. Be sure to apply immediately following any inspection, if you wait too long you will miss out
TIP 8. Be clear about what you’re looking for, for example a start date and preferred length of lease period
TIP 9. Advise that you have full bond and first month’s rent avail to pay immediately
TIP 10. Present yourself well at the open for inspection and be polite, also ensure young children are respectful of the home.  The person doing the inspection often puts their views forward to the owner too.

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