By Tamara Lloyd
Finance pre approvals are taking longer at the moment because of Covid with the Big Four Banks – some taking up to 4 weeks.  However some of our other lenders are only taking 48 hours for a preapproval.   As lockdown comes to an end in the coming weeks there will be a lot more homes coming onto the market.  If you are wanting to buy this year it is very important that you get your finance preapprovals sorted NOW!   An unconditional offer will make your offer so much more attractive to a vendor and make your life so much less stressful once you’ve purchased.
Lyndal from Loan market has been speaking to our Director Tamara Lloyd and has mentioned that there are rates starting at 1.99%.  When New Zealand came out of Stage 4 lockdown the market went crazy – and buyers that were organised were the ones that benefited.
So, while you are in lockdown get your paperwork together and get your finance approval sorted as it may take longer than it normally does.
Contact Lyndal Linkin (Loan Market) for finance on 0455 123 555
Or Director Tamara Lloyd (Director Ray White) for info on the market –  0408 585 319
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