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How to take the FEAR out of selling your home!

By Tamara Lloyd

Selling your home is regularly described as one of the things we fear most in life. I can appreciate that for the majority of homeowners, it’s not something they do very often – sometimes just once or twice in a lifetime. It’s also generally your greatest asset…. So you don’t want to stuff it up!

What are the main things sellers are afraid of?

  • Choosing the right agent
  • Underselling their home
  • Finding another property

There are a few pearls of wisdom that I can impart that will hopefully make this process easier for you:

  1. Choosing the right agent is key in my mind. You don’t just want someone who is a YES person who will do things your way. You are employing a professional to give you advise on how to get the best result because you’re not an agent, therefore take their advice on board in regards to presentation and marketing – let them do their job. If you don’t trust their advice then don’t list with them.   If you don’t trust any agent then perhaps try and sell it yourself your way & you’ll see how hard it is without the right tools in place! Asking an agent to not use their tools such as marketing or open homes is like asking a hairdresser to cut your hair, but saying she can’t use her scissors! My role once a client has chosen me or my company is to take the stress out of it for them. We guide clients step-by-step through the selling process because this is what we specialize in – we are the experts at getting the best price with the least amount of stress!
  2. If you choose the right agent and take their advice on board, then there should be very little risk of underselling your home. It’s a simple concept really – get as many people as possible to look at your home and then create a “frenzy” with a deadline and competition. This can be done with either private sale or auction. Its important you know and are comfortable with the negotiation process when choosing an agent. Ask them to explain this process in detail and find out if this would get the best price out of you if you were a buyer.
  3. Buying a home to move into is in my mind possibly the most stressful of things – however there are a few tips that will help.
  • Potentially you could buy first prior to selling – just request a 90 day settlement & have your house ready to go – ideally with the agent chosen.
  • Your selling agent can/should help you negotiate. Most agents have a good rapport with their competition and should be able to help you cut to the chase when negotiating & put you in the key position to buy.
  • Build good rapport with the selling agent – they will be more likely to work with you and help you if you are good to deal with. Agents can get some bad press – but some buyers are a nightmare to deal with and as an agent you really don’t want to go out of your way to help those ones!

I hope this may take some of the fear away for you. Feel free to call me if you would like more information on 0425 792 987.

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