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How to get the premium price for your property

By Tamara Lloyd

There are many factors that go into ensuring that you get the premium price for your property. Many of those things are in the control of the seller, so I thought it would be worthwhile giving you my tips and ideas:

  1. PRESENTATION – this is somewhat of an obvious one, but is such an important part of achieving a premium price. The idea is to appeal to as many buyers as possible so where possible ensure the colour tones are fairly neutral. The home should feel as big as possible, so ensure you de-clutter and remove excess furniture. Also ensure each space within your home has a usable purpose (ie set a small desk up if your home has a “study nook” – even if you don’t use it that way). Two other big things – ensure the home is spotless and smells nice (no animal or damp smells) and ensure the garden is neat and tidy – tan bark does wonders. Your chosen real estate agent should also be able to recommend a stylist to assist you with the finishing touches and hire furniture if needed.
  2. AGENT YOU CHOOSE – obviously you want to ensure you choose a reputable agent that has a proven track record – even if the agent is newer to the industry – the agency they are working for needs to have a good reputation. Ask some friends and family – recommendation or a long term relationship you’ve had with an agent is often the best place to start. You need to know they can negotiate and are familiar with the area. You also need to trust them and believe they will be there to get you the best price, not just want to get your property sold as quickly as possible. Social media is great for checking on agents for both sourcing or checking out ones you’ve met through the eyes of past clients.
  3. MARKETING – it’s really important that you don’t skimp on marketing your home. The photos are the most important thing as they set the tone of the campaign – depending upon the home twilight photos are often more eye catching. It’s also important to have a mix of internet and local paper advertising. Whilst 70% of buyers will likely come from the internet – about 20% come from the paper and that’s quite significant when it comes to numbers through (may mean an 10 extra buyers through the average property). You want as many people through your home to ensure you get the maximum offers and therefore maximum price. 1 extra buyer may mean a difference of tens of thousands of dollars!

For more advice or for a market appraisal on your property, please call our office on 9725 7444.

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