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How To Be The Best Applicant For A Property

By Sherryn Dickson

Our/My top 7 tips to help you stand out from the crowd and get the property you want!

It’s essential that you fully complete the application form and answer all the questions.  The questions we ask are for a good reason, so the more thorough you are, the more seriously your application will be considered.

Provide copies of all ID,  pay slips & bank statements.  Applications can close quickly, especially for highly sought after properties, so prepare the documents you need ahead of time. Have a few copies made so they are ready to go.  If self employed, don’t forget to provide bass statements.

If you have pets, provide a pet reference.  A simply one page document attached to your application can give an owner a better understanding of your pet and peace of mind. Include type of dog, age, council registration number.

Consider your references carefully.  Choose people who are in respected positions (landlord, teacher, employer, community group leader ) and make sure they are aware that agents will be calling, especially accountants or current agents. Let them know how important the property is to you, so they know to take or return our calls promptly.

Credit history  
We all have a past. If you have a bad credit history, be honest & upfront.

Ensure your application is honest and truthful.  Agents & landlords are trying to find the right person for their property, not catch people in a lie. There is no reason to be dishonest.

This is the most important tip of all. Landlords & agents want tenants who they can communicate with.

The rental market has never been as competitive as it is right now, so make sure your prepared when the right property comes along.  If you would like any further information or have some questions, please contact me or our office on 9725 7444.

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