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Getting Your Home or Investment Property Ready to RENT

By Tamara Lloyd

We put together a checklist for landlords to assist them with getting their homes or investment properties ready for the rental market. The checklist is designed to make sure that your property is vacant for the shortest possible time and that we are able to attract good quality tenants to the property. It will also assist in a smooth transition when the tenant moves in ensuring minimal issues, complaints and maintenance.

A clean and well-presented home will also assist your Property Manager when carrying out the detailed Condition Report and give you the best opportunity of having the home returned at the end of the tenancy in a clean and tidy manner. Below are some of the points you should cover:

  • Ensure all appliances are working effectively including heaters, coolers, dishwasher, oven and cook Ensure the igniter is working on cook top if applicable, or exclude it on the lease/replace the cook top.
  • Ensure the home is spotless, this includes grout in showers (use a grout pen from Bunning’s to go over it if discoloured), rangehoods, fan covers, skirting boards, inside all cupboards, windows and flyscreens.
  • See whether the silicon around baths, showers and sinks needs replacing – mouldy or discoloured silicon is a real turn off and if it disintegrates can effect its waterproofing capabilities.
  • Pools and spas must comply with fencing rules or the property cannot be leased out.
  • Ensure all fencing is secure and gates can be easily opened/closed.
  • It is a legal requirement that all curtain and blind cords be fixed to the window Children are at risk of strangulation from loose curtain and blind cords.
  • Please ensure you have smoke alarms installed in your home. Ray White Croydon recommends outsourcing this responsibility with an annual
  • It is a legislative requirement that any door, window, screen door, garage etc, that has a lock fixed MUST have a key given to the tenant.
  • Make sure your gutters are clean & ensure that there are no branches overhanging the
  • Ensure the garden is neat and tidy and mulch garden beds with plenty of mulch. This will assist the tenant in keeping the garden beds weed

Hopefully this has been helpful – for the full checklist please feel free to call or email me or 0408 585 319.

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