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Community Involvement

Ray White Croydon’s Community Involvement Objectives

At Ray White Croydon we want to be involved in the community that we work and live in.  It’s important to us that we are able to make a difference help those in our area that need it.  It’s not always financial assistance people need.  It’s even as simple as making them laugh or smile (our Blackboard with sayings out the front of the office), and making people feel included and special.  We contribute to the community in many ways whether it be financial, food donations, basic amenities, Christmas gifts for kids living in poverty or who have fled from from domestic violence, or our work with the local charity The Foothills Foundation.     Really it is an overall attitude that we like to install in our team and that is that they can make a difference in so many different ways big and small.

Community Service Award Winner 2020/2021

We were proud to win the Ray White Victoria Community Service Award in 2020/2021 for the work that we do.  Some of the area’s we have been able to contribute are as follows:

  • Foothills Foundation: Our Director Tamara Lloyd is a Board Member of ‘and is on the Marketing Committee of this Foundation.  This foundation has been around for over 40 years and supports locals in Maroondah, Yarra Ranges and surrounds that need financial assistance or even advice on where to look for help.  The Foundation is well connected to various different groups including EACH, Anchor, Bridge Builders, Stable One and many other local organisations and charities.   Foothill Foundation is the charity of last resort.  We assist locals in need that have no where else that can assist them, whether it’s affording a new pair or shoes, a new washing machine, a car to cater for disabled children to donating to other local charities that may need assistance to continue their great work in the community effectively. 
  • Little Ray Of Giving:  Our staff, clients and local community are encouraged to donate gifts for children that may otherwise have gone without at Christmas.  We have worked closely with Croydon/Montrose Rotary who over the past 10+ years have distributed the gifts to various families in need in our community.  
  • Donations to Bayswater CFA: Our Senior Sales Executive Dennis Lim did a training session for a group of salespeople and donated the $500 fee to the local CFA who the organiser of the session was involved with.
  • Each year our team contribute to the Wesley Mission food bank which is organised by Senior Sales Executive David Egan.
  • Community Boards:  each year we donate 20+ community advertising boards for schools, kindergartens, etc. 
  • Local small business is also an area we are quite passionate about. We get the team involved by asking them about local businesses they feel need some support.  They are often cafes and restaurants.  We also work closely with local businesses for prizes for Social Media promos etc.  We have found by working closely with businesses in our area means that we can help each other to thrive.  Some of the main businesses we have helped promote on our FB page etc are Cinque Ristorante, Miss Lacey Cafe, Rob Dolan Wines, The Public Brewery, Ten Saints Bar, Olivigna Restaurant, Leaf & Vine Cafe as well as many more. 
  • Main Street Traders Association – Our Director Tamara Lloyd is on the Board of the Croydon Main Street Traders Association.  The purpose of the association is to bring more business into the Main Street and help ensure the small businesses in Main Street Thrive.  It’s been a challenging time for all retail businesses and hospitality over the past few years with covid etc and now is more important than ever that we stand up and help with our time and ideas to help small businesses get back on their feet again. A big part of this is brining events to Main Street.  Tamara works closely with Sam Bartlett who runs the Association and Maroondah Council to ensure we do our part to support the events and initiatives in any way we can.  Whether its the Easter egg hunt, treasure hunt, the Farm Day or the Christmas festivities, our team and office get involved however we can to promote, assist and attend the events.

Foothills Foundation High Tea Event 

Ray White Croydon is a major sponsor of the Foundation & our Director Tamara Lloyd is a Board Member of the Foundation.

Tamara has been an integral part of organising the High Tea event which raised over $10,00 in 2021 and over $13,000 in 2022.  Tamara commented that it was a privilege to help bring together this event that Celebrated women in our community.  This year 1/3 of our proceeds went to Bridge Builders which run camps for teenage girls, many of whom are under privileged, to help build their self esteem, self worth, leadership skill and generally just put them on the right life path.  The rest of the funds will go towards helping local families, individuals & charities whose needs fall through the cracks.

2022 High Tea Event

2021 High Tea Event

Thanks to our amazing Auctioneer Jeremy Tyrrell who did a fantastic job of the auctions!

Little Ray of Giving 

A Little Ray of Giving is designed to collect Christmas gifts for less fortunate people in our local area. 

We have done this every year since it started and work closely with our Local Rotary to distribute the gifts.

SONOCO Donations to Bayswater CFA

Our Sales Agent, Dennis Lim, presented a training session for nine team members at Sonoco to help them with some sales training.

In return, they donated $500 towards the Bayswater CFA, which will go towards updating the vehicle behind in the photo.

John was a past purchaser of Dennis’ and was impressed with how Dennis worked as an Agent & felt that he would be able to help share some of his experience with the team, so they could draw parallels between how he services his clients and how they could incorporate some of these ideas into their business to grow!

Food for Charities

Our Sales Agent, David Egan, has proudly supported the Food for Families charity for the past 6 years now. 2020 was a huge success, the work colleagues at Ray White Croydon, clients, neighbours, and friends went above and beyond to support this worthwhile cause. Together we smashed 2019 efforts of 6 boxes, in 2020 we accumulated 10 boxes, which were dropped to the Wesley Mission centre in Ringwood. They have an amazing setup to look after many needy people in our community.


Pinchapoo is a local charity that helps supply basics for hygiene. It was started by a lady who had the idea of taking the shampoo and conditioners etc from hotels and has grown ever since from that!

Sponsor Boards

We enjoy helping out local communities or schools where we can by promoting certain events!

Connection with Local Pizza shop

We have connected with the local Pizza shop in Croydon; Big Mates Pizza, to give our clients a free pizza with their move-in pack. Whether this is for a Sales property or Rental, we know how stressful it can be moving so we only hope to help take the ease off the first night’s dinner!

Local Business Shout-Outs on Social Media

During the past year our team has started an initiative of local business shout-outs on our social media profiles with the aim of encouraging our community to shop and dine local, and in general support local businesses.

We have found that by working closely with businesses in our area means that we can help each other to thrive. Some of the main businesses we have helped promote on our FB page are: Miss Lacey Cafe + Wine Bar, Cinque Ristorante, WFC Chirnside Park, Mobo Massages, GRIT Team Training, Sara J Hunter Photography, English Rose Salon, Sheils Bookkeeping, Pretty Little Pamper Parties, From Us To You, Ya Painting Pal and Froth N Flames.

Blackboard Inspiration

From blackboard inspiration to connecting with the community – our blackboard is being updated daily with a quote or a fun fact, and we have found that this creates interaction and a few laughs as people walk past our office.

Please feel free to contact Ray White Croydon if you can identify ways in which we may contribute to the community or a worthy cause with which you may be involved.